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Coaching All-Stars at a Zone Meet, deploy this sheet
Coaching leading an All-Star team, perhaps a Zone squad or even the Olympics, get to coach swimmers / athletes from[...]
Flags to Wall to Flags x 10
Flags to Freestyle Flip Turn10 streamline jumpsName: ___________________Date: ___________________Time: ___________________Did the swimmer jump and hit the backstroke flags 10 times[...]
Club, intra squad meet format used by BGSC
Sunday Jubilee Relay CarnivalDate:Warm up:Meet Starts:Similar to the Jelly Apple Invitational held in October.Split team into two evenly matched squads.Insert[...]
Speed Test Set Routine from Brett Hawke
I want speed endurance.Tip: Put cones on the bottom of the pool.Speed set comes after talking about the other set.Broken[...]
Power Rack Test Set Routine from Brett Hawke
Ultimate goal:Be as heavy as possible (with the weights), yet be as clean as possible with the swim technique.
Memo to ISCA about plans for Ohio and Pennsylvania
To Doug Fonder, President and Meet Director of ISCASince ISCA runs many high quality, well-trusted meets throughout the year, perhaps[...]
Popular, swimming is
According to the 2021-22 NFHS High School Athletics Participation Survey, swimming and diving is the 10th-most popular sport for boys[...]
Relay Splits to percentage of total time
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New York policy shifts
New York's PSAL (Public School Athletic League) new policiesStudents at schools with under five teams get first crack at individual[...]