US Swimming, ’93, 3 x 500-yards @ 6:00


USA Swimming pushed out challenging test sets that became a postal meet with rankings.

Bob Steele, an ISCA Hall of Fame Coach, then with USA Swimming, helped to organize the sets, collection of data, and result reporting. The aim was to build up the depth of distance swimming talent across the United States.

I think the swimmer's average time was reported as a final time.

Challenge set:

3 x 500-yards @ 6:00

  • Rank
  • LSC
  • Team
  • Time
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Birthdate
  • Pool
  • Stroke
  • Date

For the serious distance swimmer

Male results, freestyle, show:
  1. Aaron Harker, Ohio, PICY, 5:50.00
  2. Matt Herrold, OK, TACT, 5:59.22
  3. Mike Williams, OH, PICY, 6:31.56
Female results, freestyle show:
  1. Christie Sass, BB, WI, 6:16.16
  2. Karri Gilmer, PV, FBSC, 6:19.60
  3. Jessica Scott, OH, PICY, 6:20.59
  4. Kelli Schaeffer, PV, FBST, 6:39.80


  • Another set, other page here, has 12 x 400 @ 5:30.

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