Flags to Wall to Flags x 10


Form, 10 x flip turns to walls

Flags to Freestyle Flip Turn

10 streamline jumps

  • Name: ___________________
  • Date: ___________________
  • Time: ___________________
  • Did the swimmer jump and hit the backstroke flags 10 times in a streamline?
  • YES - or - no
  • Did the swimmer complete all RED-Zone Swimming without a breath?

YES - or - no


Go as fast as possible from the flags to the wall and back to the flags for ten touches to the flags. 


Swimmer leaps off of the bottom of the swim pool in the shallow end. The hands are in a streamline position with both wrists touching and extend up to touch the backstroke flags.

The timer starts the watch as soon as the flags are touched for the first time.

The swimmer lands after the jump and springs into a sprint to flip turn and touch the wall with the feet at the near end of the pool.

No breathing into or out of the wall, of course.

The swimmer stops under the flags and springs into another streamline jump to touch the flags - for a total of 10 touches on the flags and nine flip turns.

If the swimmer misses the flags, another jump is necessary to hit the flags. If the flags are missed on the second jump, a third jump is necessary.

If the swimmer does NOT have streamlined hands -- with wrists touching -- then that jump will NOT count and the jump needs to occur again.

If the swimmer takes a breath while swimming, then the swimmer's time is NOT recorded.


It is okay to put some extra slack into the backstroke flags so that they can be reached. Loosen them. Or, get a bungie or small bit or rope and add an extension.

Have the younger and/or smaller swimmers in the middle lanes where the flags are closer to the water. The older swimmers can be in the outside lanes where the flags are attached to the poles and higher to reach.

This becomes a bit of an endurance challenge with some breath holding. 

Understandably, it is not a good habit to make such a short pushoff that only goes to the flags. Swimmers should end their pushoff well beyond the flags. However, that's part of the game with this test set.

You could change the structure and jump to touch a mid-pool line, as is often the case with the older false-start ropes. But, that makes the breath holding impossible. 

Avoid shallow water blackouts, of course. 

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