Listen at 12:35 for “Take your marks”


Wonder who is using the AutoCoach timing speakers and watch?

An encounter with Australian swimming coach, Ian Pope, and a trip to the Philippines got these swimming trailblazers aware of the equipment from AutoCoach. They have a stopwatch and speaker, 

In AutoCoach's Race Mode, the coach pushes the button and the speaker can sound a long whistle for the swimmers to get on the blocks. Then another push of the watch's button and the commands come from the speaker, "Take Your Marks..." Then a third push of the watch's button delivers the starting signal, a beep that begins the race as well as a flash too. And, of course, the watch is started in its time for the event. When deployed as above, the coach's voice is spared, the watch is synced with the beep, and practice time trials are more like a meet setting.

* Neither Michael Andrews nor his coach have endorsed the AutoCoach stop watch. Rather, they are simply users.

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