Pace Clock with Six Time Cycles


AutoCoach's pace clock does colors with a purpose and handles six time cycles

This feature of the pace clock from AutoCoach helps coaches and squads manage multiple time cycles. 

The AutoCoach LED Display (ACS250) has a feature that allows coaches to spend more time coaching as the swimmers can look at the pace clock and know when they leave on the next send-off.

If you have 2 squads training at once with some swimmers doing free, some back, some breast and some fly, they will all be on a variety time cycles. As a coach it is challenging to ensure they are all on the right cycle and know they are leaving on the right time.

The Autocoach pace clock now displays 6 different time cycles (each cycle in a different color).

The colors change number every 5 or 10 seconds apart (depending on the coaches set up). If a swimmer is on the red time cycle and leaves on the number 1, the swimmer will always leave on the red 1. Simple!

Time cycles can be set 5 or 10 seconds apart ( 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 or 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90) and start at a 20 cycle and can go up to 4 minutes. You can also select if the space between swimmers is 5 or 10 seconds apart.

“The pace clock with six time cycles has revolutionized how I coach, it takes 10 seconds to set up and I have it running the whole session. In a smaller club where I have large ranges in speeds all training at once, I know swimmers will know when to leave. Rather than being a record repeating “Ready, Go!” I can now spend more time analyzing and correcting technique resulting in faster swimmers”.

Damien Gogoll, PLC Aquatic Swim Club, Head Coach

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