Peek under the hood of the AutoCoach offerings


Suitable partners with AutoCoach have begun in earnest.

Those in the swim business industry looking to expand their line-up of products and make strides as a leading exhibitor at various Coaching Clinic throughout the world should take a serious look at Australia's AutoCoach products.

Begin a new chapter. Those in Australia are interested in making sales in North America. If you believe that your company might make a suitable partner and if you are interested in a strategic venture , we should talk.

Let’s set up an appointment and share our insights. We’ll be able to demonstration of products, services and the timing system’s capabilities. Discrete preliminary discussions with AutoCoach’s co-founder and director, Dean Sharples can be arranged. 

In 2017, Dean did not travel to DC’s World Clinic as his focus was on product development. By the end of 2018, the approach was different because the company’s technology solutions are ready for the North American marketplace, especially to coaches, swim clubs, universities and schools.

AutoCoach’s innovations and presence in Australia is a point of pride. In 2019, the aim is to enable partners and other vendors with the support necessary to take these timing, training and racing tools elsewhere.

Wireless technology increases efficiency and raises the engagement with athletes.  AutoCoach tools help in day-to-day training and coaching sessions, and provide:

  • Realtime analysis
  • Realtime feedback
  • Realtime improvement

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