Weekly swim planning — a work in progress


Invite to a web utility for planning swim test sets.

Changes are being deployed every day. Newest functions include.

  • Ability to insert one summary note and ability to insert specific note for each day on the summary page.
  • Days off
  • Page 1 tips
  • Page 2
  • Page 3

Begin by entering some emails addresses. (Not yet needed nor working.)

Tag the name or initials of the swimmer. Could also be a squad or training group name.

Make notes on the goals.

Set priorities for the swim events to focus upon. Can select up to six events. Must select at least one. Eliminate or ignore extra events with the toggle switch. The wildcard option is an extra placeholder of your choice. Perhaps you play water polo, have a meet, run, visit the weight room, whatever. Most of those activities happen beyond the scope of a test set, but you can put the wildcard event into play as one of the six options.

Review the priorities in the list that is populated from the choices you've entered.

One or two practices per day? Teams with AM swims or double practices can choose the two-practice per day option. Otherwise, only one practice per day is presented. (Not yet needed nor working.)

Are there any days when there is no need for planning test sets, perhaps if there is no access to the pool on Sundays? If Friday is always a fun, game day, for example, scratch Fridays from the calendar to make for less clutter in the forms that follow. (Not yet needed nor working.)

To plan for more than one week, re-visit the same form. Only one week is functional at this time.

Proceed to the next page.

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