Shady Side Academy’s test set with 1 x 25 with foot touch and 50s


Test Set Instructions:

From a dive, swim 25-yards (or meters) with a foot-touch. Swimmers do a flip turn and time stops when the feet hit the wall. The 25-swim is on a 30-second send-off. Then do 50s from a push-off.
Record all the times.
Coach determines the number of 50s, between 2-and-6. Coach determines the send-off interval, between 30-and-60 seconds. Swimmers' stroke is another factor to record.

Source: John Landreth, long-time head swim coach at Shady Side Academy.

Screen shot of alpha version for entering a swimmer's times

This is not an entry form, only an image of what happens on page 3 when it is time to enter the results of the swimmer(s). 


Buggy BETA Form:  This is not ready for prime time. All data can be lost after pressing submit. 

This is for testing concepts. All data can evaporate easily, especially after pushing the submit button. Keep a paper-back-up.

Form handles up to 12 swimmers. 

Input the results of one (1) to twelve (12) swimmers. To accommodate more than 12 swimmers, use another instance of the form, perhaps on a different mobile device.


All swimmers within the the form swim with the same interval for the 50s. The interval range for the 50s is between 30-seconds and 60-seconds. Use the slider to set the send-off interval for the 50s. To accommodate swimmers doing the 50-repeats on a different interval, use another instance of the form. Or, use the notes section to record any special circumstances. 

Set the number of repeat 50s

All participants do the opening 25-sprint from a dive and with a foot touch on a 30-second interval. Record the 25-sprint time. Following the first 25, is a quantity of 50s. The 50-repeats range from two to six repetitions. Decide upon the number of 50s: 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. Fewer 50s might be more appropriate for the sprinters or for a less stressful day.

Two Calculations

The total time, a sum of all the swims, (25 + 50s), is calculated and displayed as each entry is made into the web form. After the final 50 time is entered, the AVERAGE time for all the 50s is calculated and displayed. The time for the 25-sprint is not used in this calculation. (Results display the sum of all the swimmer's 50s divided by the number of 50s prescribed in the set's set-up.)

The average for the 50s shows on page four of the form but does not come in the printout email. Only 0.00 was included. 

Pending Elements

  • Paper form, coming soon.
  • Export of data in the file can be made to be better organized for spreadsheet archives.
  • Input of swimmers' names is another future feature.

About the author 

Mark Rauterkus

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Swim, water polo and SKWIM coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Also the webmaster for the International Swim Coaches Association.

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