Special event in Baltimore with WNBA super-star and insights into Sports Communications

Be there. Baltimore, Maryland, at this free event.

Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., Director of Audiology at UPMC Medical Center and professor at University of Pittsburgh, as well as Grant Rauterkus, lead author of the new edition of the ebook, <strong>Time Out! I Didn't Hear You</strong>, are presenting too.

No RSVP needed. Just show up. No charge to attend.

This is a special outreach event organized with the professional medical meeting at the same time and location.

Sporting in Silence - Sunday, Feb 10, 6:30 pm

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Mark Rauterkus

Insert YOUR comments in the box at the bottom of this -- and all the other pages. Questions. Insights. re-writes, whatever.

Swim, water polo and SKWIM coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Also the webmaster for the International Swim Coaches Association.

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