Stop watching the stopwatch, reflections


Watching the watch is not ideal

Good article about being occupied with the stopwatch and not what should be the focus, the swimmers. 

With the AutoCoach smart stopwatch, there are a number of built-in options that can be deployed to overcome this worst-case practice.

How to keep the focus on the swimmers.

First, the stop watch needs to have lots of memory. Just tap the button and the time is going to stay around. The AutoCoach watch holds 100 times in its memory. That's enough memory to cover a busy session at a swim meet and never need to stop and record a split. They are saved for later access.

Second, turn up the volume. With the AutoCoach stop watch, as the button is pushed, the time can be spoken to the coach. Listen for the split. 

Third, in a noisy situation, insert an ear plug and use the AUX jack so that a times can be spoken by the watch, but the audio travels into an ear bud. Then the others on the pool deck or in the stands don't need to hear the splits.

Fourth, set up a display and have a teammate record the times off of the display. Generally, the display should not be visible to the swimmers in the water while the race is occurring. A swimmer can sit with the paper, pencil and clipboard and have the portable scoreboard display the times. Then the times are written down by the teammate. Then the coach with the watch does not need to shout the times to the person with the paper and pencil. 

Fifth, the times from the watch can be sent wirelessly to the USB hub on a laptop. The laptop can grab all the times from the watch throughout the meet, saving them and keeping the records accurate and away from the edge of the swim pool. 

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