Definition of Sport

Lesson 1 Module 1

Sports are defined with four important pillars. 

Sports are games of time, space and relationships. 

Elements of time are a part of all sports, we dare say. If you know of a sport that has no "time factor" within its realm, drop us a comment on the area at the bottom of this page that follows. We'd love to read about a sport you've discovered that is without any time factors. We'd love to know of the outlandish sports.

Racing sports, such as competitive swimming, are all about the time, the watch, the speed it takes to get from start to finish in a minutes, seconds, tenths-of-seconds and hundredths-of-seconds.

In the past, there were years in the sport of swimming when the results were posted to a thousand-of-a-second. Presently, if there is a tie, when two competitors touch the wall at exactly the same time, that tie is measured and recorded to the hundredth-of-a-second. 

Time matters in all sports. And time is a large factor is most of the racing sports.