​​​​The I-League aims to dramatically increase inclusion within interscholastic aquatics

We need to insure that all our kids have ample opportunities to learn how to swim.

The I-League gets students swimming, competing, lifeguard certified, and trained as effective swim instructors.

Boys relay on podium at PIAA Meet

Meta Meets are extra-special, additional, scholastic meets.At first glance, think of a Meta Meet as a new type of highly competitive, All-Star, Invitational.  SummaryThe Meta Meet is held on Sunday, Continue Reading.

Meta Meet(s)
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The "I" in the I-League is for inclusion.But wait. There is more!Words that begin with the letter "I" have merit within the I-League's purpose.InnovationInspirationIndividualityInterval trainingImaginationInner strengthInterpersonal skillsInitiativeInstructionInteractiveImprovement planImitationIdeationInsightfulInjury preventionInformed decision-makingInquisitiveIn-person Continue Reading.

I-League meanings
HYPE afterschool in The Hill District

Getting participants to the I-League activities means other endeavors are left behind.Participants at the I-League's after-school activities are able to keep busy, stay out of their houses for some time, Continue Reading.

Mark by the pace clock

Best Practices for Solving Insurance Issues with the schools and I-LeagueThis page is under construction. As modern policies are recorded, this page gets updated. Question: What about insurance?Insurance is always a gotcha Continue Reading.


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