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Start at square one. Mary Poppins said, “Well begun is half done.” We agree. 

This course holds your hand and presents a series of lessons on time, especially for those in the sport of swimming. Interactions with our ebook efforts on Test Sets are explained too.

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Time Basics

Sports, and especially sports in the water such as swimming, water polo and SKWIM, have plenty of emphasis and important elements of TIME.

Definition of Sport

Sports are defined with four important pillars. 

Sports are games of time, space and relationships. 

Elements of time are a part of all sports, we dare say. If you know of a sport that has no "time factor" within its realm, drop us a comment on the page that follows and explain that sport, as we'd love to know of those outlandish sports too.

Racing sports, such as competitive swimming, are all about the time, the watch, the speed it takes to get from start to finish in a minutes, seconds, tenths of seconds and even hundreths of seconds.

In the past, there were some periods of the sport of swimming when they results were posted to a thousand-of-a-second. Presently, if there is a tie, when two competitors touch the wall at exactly the same time, the tie is to the hundredth of a second. 

Time matters in all sports. And time is a larger factor is many of the racing sports. 


Clarity of communications with swimming practices

As a publisher, I have pondered many of these issues and try to insert clarity.
Tip one: Always write 50-yards or 50-meters. So, include the distance if that is that part of the message.
Tip two: Always write out the time with the colon, as in, :50. Or, 1:00. Or, 2:30.
Tip three: I do like to use the @ sign.
Tip four: Begin the statement with the style, as in Swim, Kick, Pull, Drill, or some other capitalized word / concepts of locomotion.
Swim 50 x 50-yards @ :50-seconds.
Understood that the most redundant part is writing out the word seconds.