Benefits of the I-League


Benefits for Schools

  • Increase the number of varsity sports opportunities available for its students.
  • Aquatic rehab can engage students athletes from other sports who get mid-season injuries.
  • Easier, plug-and-play operations lighten the burdens on the Athletic Director and Principals with the Done-For-You deployment from expert I-League leadership.
  • Sponsors, scholarships, tech tools and other resources can show up to aid the students.
  • Other after-school activities can hook into the I-League programs and utilize the pool too.
  • Rely upon trustworthy, responsible, trained, certified, safety conscious, accountable people for support in leading programs at the pool.
  • Get aquatic curriculums, communication platforms, messages and whole-school assembly guests to help with promotions concerning water safety. 
  • Efficient, economical value
  • Hang a new sign at the pool that says: Welcome to one of the world's greatest learning laboratories for the discovery of personal and group excellence. 

Benefits for WPIAL & PIAA

  • Present a pathway to schools that can jumpstart and empower new teams to rise to the level of existing, more established swimming and diving teams.

Benefits for Teachers at Schools

  • Free online learning resources, written by specialists
  • Saves time when planning lessons, and setting and marking work
  • Features interactive support with mentor coaches
  • Includes real life examples of programs in past and present.
  • Tailored activities to fun and playing well with others.
  • Constantly updated based on research and your feedback

Benefits to Coaches and Teams with vibrant swim programs

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Benefits to Students

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Benefits to the title sponsor

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Benefits to Supporting Sponsors

Benefits to Lifeguards

Benefits to Community Pools

Benefits to USA Swimming Clubs

Benefits to the greater Communities

Benefits to Public Health

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