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Avery Adams uploaded a file.

Hey Coaches - I had spoken to a few coaches about a month ago regarding sharing my workouts however, it has taken me a few weeks to do this, my apologies. Instead of sharing with a few, I'd like to share with all. (Not to say I had the best system or anything haha it's more just to share ideas and thoughts with others! Workouts are one of the topics we all love to chat about!)Here is my 2020-2021 National Group SC Season.

I was at the South Carolina Swim Club in Charleston SC during this time frame.

Please note that I started coaching this group of athletes at 12/13, so what you're seeing is close to a 6-year progression.Over the course of my career I had the opportunity to have so many great mentors Vern Gambetta, @MikeDeboor, Pam Garrett Swander, Ben Davis

Had they not been so willing to share ideas, workouts, guide, teach and so much more - I would not be where I am today. So thank you for everything! I suppose sharing these workouts is a way of giving back to the community that gave me so much. Anyhow, take a look I hope these help in some tiny way!

Have a great week and a great season!

If anyone is interested. I also have a coaching account that is centered around dryland, season planning, matching swim sets with dryland and more. Check me out at IG elevate_coaching_services
Avery's workouts in PDF

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