33 x 150s @ 2:05


Ian Quinn posted on Facebook's Swim Coaches Idea Exchange: 


Ian Quinn posted the photo and description with attribution.

Had a fantastic, second practice of the day this afternoon, thought I’d share! We are still in winter training mode until classes begin next week.

  • 33 x 150-yards free on 2:05 even/odd style, except not every other, but every third. (even/even/odd)
    Odd # is seeking to hit the 1-mile pace.
    Even # (done twice) is aerobic, cruise swimming.

    Coaches: Add up the times for the 11 150s at mile pace (the odd#s) and get a broken 1,650 time.

Female, college freshman, swimming alone, did a broken time on Jan 8, 2022 of 16:42.28 which is 8-seconds better than her lifetime best. Coach is excited to see what she can do at the conference championships in a few weeks.

All credit for the set goes to Mark Bernardino. Thank you for sharing one of his favorite distance sets with this past summer! Really appreciate it!

And yes, that is the coach's own drawing of a cat on the board. Swimmer's teammates said that the cat would make the set more fun for the lone miler today ?.

150 Repeat Time:

Adds up to a final 1650 time:









Work in progress.

The input form is pending, yet. #stub

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