Mike White’s 7 x 100-yard test set with the first being the slowest but at 20% of lifetime best time.


Michael White posted on Facebook, a test set for age group swimmers.

Swim, 7 x 100-yards free, from a push-off.

#1 is LTB + 20%.

Each one after has to drop, or it doesn't count.

The set has made many cry, young and old.
  • LTB = lifetime best. Another name for LTB is PR, for one's personal record.
  • Example: If a swimmer has at 1:00.00 LTB for the 100-yard free, then the first 100 needs to be under 1:12.00. 
    Math: Convert the time to seconds. So, 1:00.00 is  60 seconds.
    To obtain 20-percent, 60 x .2 = 12.
    60 + 12 = 1:12.00.
  • 2nd 100 and all the following 100s need to be faster than the previous 100 for that 100-yard repeat to count.
  • We've not done a straight interval for this one, but it's likely been around 2:00 or 2:30. In a perfect world, half the group is timing with a stop-watch while the other half of the group is swimming. Then the two groups alternate back & forth between timing and swimming.
  • With stop watches on each swimmer, the time can be accurate to the . 01.
  • Begin the set from a push-off start. Then, if things get desperate, like it's the 10th attempt, allow the swimmer to utilize a dive start and go off the blocks.

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