The Murph, swim challenge set, Memorial Day


To our Men and Women who have served or are continuing to serve, we honor you with this effort and we thank you for your sacrifice.

I love coaching my kids. We have a great group of hard working young men and women.

Today at practice, we did what I call the swimming “MURPH” a tribute to Michael Murphy, a navy seal who gave his life for his country and was also a bad ass.

The normal MURPH is a mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, and then another mile run. You will probably see quite a few posts from people honoring our men and women of the armed forces by doing this workout.

The swimming version of the murph is broken down as such – 25 swim, 5 pull ups or press outs, 25 swim, hop on out and 10 push ups, hop back in do a 50 swim, then hop out and do 15 air squats. You go through this 20 times. You do it IM order so first round is fly, second round is back, third is breast, and fourth is free and repeat that 5 x. You get 50 minutes to complete it.

We had 3 people make it through the whole thing and several others that came real close. Just wanted to brag a little bit about our swimmers.

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend to all. — at Central Park Pool.

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