Launching and Enrollment steps for the I-League


I-League Enrollment

League to League

As a scholastic aquatics league, the enrollment process starts with the WPIAL and PIAA. First comes a B2B (business to business) discussion, negotiation and contract with the existing league(s).

  • School employees could decide to to an intramural swim upgrade, but when it comes to intra-scholastic dealings, especially with swimming and diving, a sport already well established in the marketplace, the WPIAL is the first gatekeeper. 
  • The scholastic water polo league in Pennsylvania operates as a recognized sport by the PIAA but has an independent fashion, without direct PIAA oversight in terms of schedules. The PA water polo league officials are the sport's coaches. At start-up, they had been self-governed yet adhered to the over-arching PIAA policies and rules.
  • In Texas, the governance of high school water polo recently transitioned from a coaches directed league (TISCA, Texas Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association) to the UIL. With water polo as a UIL sanctioned sport, many additional schools have moved to begin water polo programs. More.
  • In college sports. institutions join their respective conferences.

I-League Relations with the WPIAL & PIAA

Business arrangements options among the I-League and other leagues are plentiful. The best outcome: The WPIAL owns the I-League from day one. More realistic: the WPIAL assists in I-League's efforts, especially in outreach.   

The I-League could operate as a subsidiary of the WPIAL. 

Schools pay an annual fee to the WPIAL for its membership. The fee for joining the I-League could be included with WPIAL membership or else an extra sur-charge could passed along to the schools by way of the WPIAL for I-League programs.

The WPIAL could be a fiduciary agent for the I-League.

The WPIAL could collect the fees from the schools for the I-League. The payments, or some percentage of those payments, could then go to the I-League. 

Other scholastic sports leagues:
  • The western PA scholastic hockey league, PIHL, operations are independent of the WPIAL and supported by a grant from the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation.
  • Pittsburgh Ultimate operates its scholastic leagues outside the scope of the WPIAL. 
  • Schenley Park Disk Golf League, all ages, happens from April to October.
  • Girls On the Run, supported by UPMC Magee (Women's Hospital)
  • Kids of Steel, (P3R / Pittsburgh Marathon)

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