Getting the I-League to SCALE


Operations to scale the I-League

Level 1: Sell and serve ten customers

Confirm that the I-League is wanted and it delivers as desired. Sell and serve ten customers as soon as possible to provide income and insights, data, buzz and confidence. The first ten clients are a question of will power and making raving fans.

Level of Scale #2: Automate acquisitions

Shift from one-to-one sales to schools and one-to-one sign-ups of students to a more predictable, repeatable and automated sign-up process.

Document and map the customer/client/student sign-up process and journey.

Level of Scale #3: Upgrade systems

Transition to a fully systemized process that a number of others can run and grow without any single individual. All the playbooks and Standard Operating Procedures need to be shared and rehearsed with the team members. 

The I-League's communication architecture needs an announcement cadence, scorecards and dashboards.

Clarify and communicate the desired I-League outputs so all are aligned to common goals.

Level of Scale #4: Amp up take-home pay of loyal workers.

Bankable incomes need to get out of bank accounts and into wages and pay-raises. Going to the next level happens as fear and uncertainty drops with pay checks.

Level of Scale #5: Expand upon the advisory board.

Coaching and entrepreneurship can be lonely. Re-address the I-League's advisory boards, peers and mentors. Mentors give fresh ideas and inspiration. Peers can hold the I-League accountable to goals and celebrate wins.

Level of Scale #6: Expand to more sites, perhaps with acquisitions.

Hitting a growth ceiling can pause expansion. One way to expansion is acquisition. Acquisition is a tool. Acquiring assets and relationships can provide more leads, add talent, increase market share, add new sites, widen challenges and  amplify total enterprise value.

About the author 

Mark Rauterkus

Insert YOUR comments in the box at the bottom of this -- and all the other pages. Questions. Insights. re-writes, whatever.

Swim, water polo and SKWIM coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Also the webmaster for the International Swim Coaches Association.

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