I-League’s Institutional Interactions


The pieces of the puzzle need to fit together, as the logo illustration symbolizes. 

Institutional History

Years ago, the swimming federation in Canada developed a swim lesson program called, I Can Swim. Over the years, the program developed, and its ownership was transferred to Current Wave in British Columbia, Canada. Current Wave's modern brand identity, (another i-word -- identity) is U CAN Swim. See https://UCANSwim.org.  The U CAN Swim methods and materials are integral parts of LAP's I-League.

U CAN Swim logo

Institutional interactions are important in life.

Successful operations and nearly everything in the sports world rely upon an environment of healthy, respectful interactions. Interactions are powerful influences in shaping thoughts and actions, essentially determining how we experience the world. Generally speaking, our interactions with others determine what we think it means to be happy and successful.

Institutional interactions for those in disadvantaged situations are often littered with frustrating, dysfunctional hurdles. 

The I-League's hinges upon cooperation and superior institutional interaction.

Playing well with others must happen here.
  1. The swim lesson curriculum, U CAN Swim, from Current Wave fits with the instructor and coaching education from International Swim Coaches Association, deployed at Read.SwimISCA.org.
  2. The game-play with SKWIM and Water Polo fits together with the in-house and travel scrimmages and clinics. 
  3. The established teams and established leagues need to be flexible with certain rules to allow accommodations to I-League participants.
  4. Within the schools, support from principals, custodians, athletic directors and social workers is desired so willing youngsters can get safe access and have hopes of improving to high levels.
  5. Sponsors, media, volunteers, and coaches of other sports are all necessary to make the I-League happen.
  6. Of course, the student athletes need to show up, be supportive of one another, and be willing to visit others as well as host outsiders. It takes a village for competitions to occur.

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Mark Rauterkus

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Swim, water polo and SKWIM coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Also the webmaster for the International Swim Coaches Association.

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