60-minute challenge for distance, 50 swim / 50 kick (test set)


Test set with swimming and kicking takes one hour

Do a 50 swim and a 50 kick. Then take 15-seconds rest. 
Repeat as many as possible in the 60-minutes.
Team did it freestyle.

End of season approaches and today's top groups had a 60 minute challenge set. 100m front crawl reps (50 swim, 50 kick) 15 seconds rest between repeats. How far in the hour.New club best set of 3,282m including 1,632m of kick. Showed me those older swimmers with desire and there was a tear up the last 100m between 3 of them trying to set a new best

Author of original posting is uncertain. What is posted above was done in a meter-pool. Not sure if it was short-course or long-course.


Could do for different lengths of time. Total time could be 30-minutes rather than 60, for example.

Could do in a yards or meter pool, and short-course or long-course.

Could do for different distances instead of 50s. How about 25s or even 75s and 100s. 

Could change the rest interval as well. Rather than just 15-seconds, why not 10-seconds or 20-seconds, or 30-seconds. 

Could do with fins or without. 

Could do the swimming as pulling. 

Kickboards permitted?

What about switching strokes too. Why not do it freestyle.

INSERT the form here. RAW.

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