Gordy’s 5 x 100s test set


Test set: 5 x 100s on an interval. 

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Gordy's test set, as talked about in the Facebook group, Swim Coaches Idea Exchange, is 5 x 100s on a send off that is about 20-seconds slower than the swimmer's 100-pace in the 500 Free.

Form allows for one to eight swimmers.

Swimmers' names can be nick-names, first names only, initials, whatever. Don't feel as if you need to enter the full name of the swimmers.

The interval notation can include extras, such as @ 1:30 FLY with fins. 

The interval is set to be around 20-seconds slower than the 100-pace of that swimmer's 500 free race time. So, if a swimmer is doing the 500-yard free in a time of 5:25, the 100 pace is 1:05. Adding 20-seconds would make a suitable interval equal to 1:25. 

Do the first 100 from a dive and the following four 100s from a push-off of the wall, and not a dive. 

Time range: 45-to-99 seconds. 

If the 100 times need to be faster than :45, another form or a coding tweak can be made. Likewise, if the times are slower than 99-seconds, (99 = 1:39), sorry. You might want to do either 50s or 75s, or have the swimmer put on fins for faster times so as to insure that no repeat is slower than the max time of 99-seconds. Otherwise, a code change is needed for the form.

The 100 times are recorded on a slider, by half-second steps from :45.00 to 99.00. 

The times in the field below the slider can be adjusted to tenths and hundredths. Once the field is edited, the slider does not over-write the value typed into the respective field.

The results are emailed to the coach's email along with a CSV attachement that can be opened and put into a spreadsheet. The data transfer via email and the data preservation elements are not yet refined.

Suggestions welcomed to Mark@Rauterkus.com

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