Coach Ralph Crocker & Steve Bigelow’s 200 Back challenge set


Source: Dick Hannula and the USA Olympic Swimmers Training Camp at University of Texas, post trials, prior to the 1988 Olympics. 

A number of swim practices from that training camp are outlined in the Global Library for ISCA Members at

10 x 100s with faster intervals, backstroke 

Swim 10 x 100-meters with faster intervals by :05-seconds. Continue down until the swimmer only has :05-seconds rest and hold that send off for the balance of the set.

  1. @ 1:30
  2. @ 1:25
  3. @ 1:20
  4. @ 1:15
  5. @ ______
  6. @ ______
  7. @ ______
  8. @ ______
  9. @ ______
  10. @ ______.
  • Yards or meters
  • Backstroke or other strokes
  • Starting interval
  • What is the fastest interval able to be performed before hitting the plateau / ceiling?
  • What was the performance time for the tenth 100-distance repeat?

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